“An oasis of thoughtfully curated material for teachers”

Author of Sapiens launches free online resource for future-facing educators


Yuval Noah Harari’s new initiative, Sapienship Lab, is all about supporting teachers to connect urgent 21st century questions to the everyday lives of students.

According to a recent poll, over 60% of teenagers are anxious about artificial intelligence and climate change. Sapienship Lab believes in building resilience by exploring such topics within the classroom. We’ve developed free online tools that prompt group discussions around questions like: How will technology reshape our brains? What careers will the future bring? Can we bring extinct species back to life?

Described by educators as an “oasis of thoughtfully curated material for teachers,” Sapienship Lab offers an array of original videos, quizzes and podcast episodes. Each piece of content is accompanied by points for group discussion, exploring big history and the near future, and encouraging critical thinking.

Take your students on a journey to explore the near future today, with Sapienship Lab!

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